We at Srishti Ventures Inc. provide a host of customized and cutting-edge technology solutions for businesses, depending on their requirement. We help customers reinvent their business models, re-engineer their processes, transform them to stay ahead with our digital solutions. We offer the following business solutions that create impact and help our customer stay competitive in the dynamic world.


We build intuitive, scalable and profitable solutions for clients on multiple commerce platforms and deployments as per the client’s requirements. Our eCommerce solutions include multiple features, guarantee high level of security and user friendliness .

Grow your business in domestic as well as global markets with our e-commerce solutions. We offer the following features:

  • Mobile enabled designingy
  • Ease of use
  • Advanced integrated shopping cart
  • Customer database integration
  • Powerful and logical search functionality
  • Safety and security
  • Easy customization as per changing business requirement


We design and create mobile applications for different industries and on different platforms as per the client requirement.

  • Android App Development: We create robust, Android apps that are easy to use and navigate.
  • IOS App Development: We build IOS apps that combine the best usability designs with the correct selection of the technology stack. We identify the end user behaviour, business requirements and also the objectives that the mobile app fulfils. Basis the identification we advise our clients on the best way to develop the app.
  • Hybrid App Development: We build robust and scalable Hybrid applications that are customized to suit your needs. Our team of experts create high-quality and interactive mobile apps that run seamlessly over various platforms.


We are adept at developing IT, apps prototypes that provide tangible form to your ideas, without investing too much time and resources in the same. We can create quick prototypes that are for early stage testing and learning and also detailed prototypes for pilot trials as per client requirement.

Web Infrastucture Solutions

We provide a host of managed and cost-efficient infrastructure services to customers that helps them to focus on their core businesses, while we assist them adopting and maintaining the web infrastructure backend.

Our solutions include:

  • IT service desk operations
  • Server, storage, backup and recovery
  • Application monitoring

Sales Automation And Lead Management

We have helped businesses create an efficient lead generation system, manage their sales leads effectively through our sales automation and lead management applications. We design simple UI and dashboards that can be used to easily manage customers & contacts details.

Some of the benefits for customers:

  • Accurate sales planning
  • Increase in sales and revenue
  • Boost in sales productivity
  • Maximize sales
  • Effective communication
  • Track performance
  • Get market insights

B2B Online Solutions

We are known for designing various solutions that help to promote B2B online business. We design customized B2B Businesses solutions that work in tandem with existing systems and applications seamlessly. Our B2b Online solutions can range from a simple ecommerce website or portal to trade management to dealer management solutions. We focus on speed and convenience of use to promote B2B business.