HR Solution

Human resources is a strategic function for any organization and technology has the ability to further transform the function. MSMEs are combining technology with HR to transform the operations, workforce and changing the way work is done.

In a fast paced and dynamic business scenario, it is imperative for businesses to understand the need ‘to go digital’. Digitizing HR processes without a clear thought process and roadmap may lead to a wastage of time and resources.

We, at Srishti Ventures Inc. provide specialist advisory service to MSMEs for understanding the need of digitizing the HR processes for the business and also implementing digital initiatives that best complement the company’s growth plans. Our Digital HR solutions aim to align an organization’s culture, talent, structure, and processes for creating efficiency and innovation.

We offer a gamut of HR digitization solutions that works for seamless flow of operations during the entire employee life cycle. Some of our HR digital solutions include:

Automating Recruitment Process: Getting the right talent is imperative for any organization. We offer a comprehensive solution for driving and managing the entire recruitment cycle. There are a couple of features that can be provided in the system. They include:

  • Job advertising on various job portals and social media
  • Applicant tracking
  • Social recruiting
  • Candidate pre-screening
  • Pre-employment assessments
  • Interview scheduling
  • Candidate nurturing
  • Background checks
  • Candidate rediscovery and ranking

Employee Self-service app

We design secure, simple and customized Self-service apps for employees that improve transparency, company -wide communication, standardize the processes, increase motivation and hence engagement with the company. Employees can manage their attendance, leaves, payroll including salary slips, reimbursement claims, IT statements and investment proof all in a single place. Enhanced features in the self-service app can be easily added as per requirement.

Automating the Performance

Technology has helped organizations move from an annual appraisal cycle to bi-annually, quarterly, and even on a monthly basis the requirement. We help customers in designing and defining KRAs and KPIs for all roles, functions, departments, that can be monitored easily.

Automating Reward & Recognition

Recognizing and rewarding employees in timely manner drives better performance and hence meeting the company goals and objectives. Automating the reward and recognition makes the whole process transparent, fair and simpler. It also helps in building a collaborative culture, boost co-worker camaraderie and celebrating behavior, loyalty, milestones etc. We design and devise a reward & recognition system that best suits our customers.

Benefits to Customers

We provide Digital HR solutions that help organizations reap the following benefits:

  • Fast, efficient and ‘right fit’ recruitment
  • Improvement in employee experience
  • 100% statutory compliance as per government mandate
  • Candidate pre-screening
  • Better performance management
  • High retention and employee loyalty
  • Improved employee experience
  • Better employer branding