We at Srishti Ventures help customers and businesses to think and go digital”. It is the need of the hour.

We believe that every business is unique, hence the challenges faced and the solutions thereof will also be unique. Some of the questions that plague many customers

How do I generate, manage and convert quality leads for my business?

How do I define and measure sales productivity for 200+ professionals?

My business has multiple systems that don’t interact, how do I bring everything on one platform?

How do I increase business & product visibility on social platforms in a limited budget?

Cumbersome and lengthy business processes is slowing down the organization resulting in slow growth. How do I handle it?

We have all the systems and the right people in place, why is it not getting reflected in the topline and bottom-line growth?

We assist MSMEs identify and overcome their known & unknown challenges through customized digital strategy and tools.

We enable digital transformation process for businesses. This includes undertaking an in-depth study of how businesses run, what are the gaps in skill sets, process revamp requirements, department functioning and coordination and last but not the least, if the organization culture supports the transformation. We provide 360-degree digital transformation solutions for helping our MSME clients transform digitally and improve their business topline and bottom line with minimal investment.

We focus on understanding the clients’ business models, processes, systems and resources engaged in running it. We offer customized digital transformation consultancy that benefits them the most.

Our solution-oriented approach, combined with industry knowledge, an expertise in various technical tools and products enables us to create the ‘right transformation fit’ that creates a direct impact on businesses in a short span of time.

Did you know that 60% of startups around the globe have already adopted digital transformation strategy?

Today, the world is a digital ocean and offers numerous solutions to customers. It is important to know that even though a host of digital solutions are available, one size does not fit all.

Intelligent businesses focus on enabling change through engaging with the ‘right’ digital tools and techniques.

We design a relevant digital strategy for customers that is best suited their business model and positively impacts in three core areas including:

  • Business models
  • Operational processes
  • Customer experience
We help clients have just the ‘Right Digital Strategy’ that suits their business model, helps their businesses manage change effectively and help them grow. Our advice on digital strategy helps customers in using the right fit of technology that improves their business performance. This may include creating new products or enhancing the features and performance of the existing ones. We help customers incorporate a digital strategy that creates new competitive advantages for the business with the help of technology.

In a completely dynamic business landscape, it is essential that Organizations can rapidly response to the change in environment without impacting any of the stakeholders.

We, at Srishti Ventures Inc. work closely with our clients to help them take the digital leap in a step-by-step approach. We ensure that the jump to digital systems and processes is smooth and seamless. Some of the benefits our clients in different industries have experienced:

  • We help businesses become leaner and smarter
  • We help businesses optimize resources, assets and assist them in managing change effectively in a dynamic scenario
  • We help close the workforce skill gaps and assist organizations in developing and maintaining a skilled workforce
  • We help businesses become more flexible
  • We help businesses become less complex
  • We help businesses become responsive to change

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