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  • Client : Primo Gifts Pvt Ltd
  • Category : E-Commerce
  • Website : www.fio.world

Founded in 2019, FIO- Fashion is One, is a collaborative and community-centric one-stop platform for creators and consumers in the field of fashion and design. It has emerged as a perfect solution to curb the problem of Indian fashion community by acting as an aggregator that hosts international brands / designers and offers B2B marketplace for young talent in Indian fashion and design industry by bridging the real-time gap between them and the key players.

Solutions for the Business

We provided the following solutions to the client after understanding the complete business model and helped them have a better digital presence, visibility and engagement with stakeholders.

1. Creating an online fashion community with the largest database of genuine buyers and sellers for both B2B as well as B2C segments.

2. B2C Segment: Connecting the fashion community (designers) through an online portal and helping them showcase their portfolios in the online ‘buyers lounge’. On the other hand, the online portal also onboarded genuine and ‘registered buyers’. The designers could each reach out to their customers, who would buy their creations online.

3. B2B Segment: We created a separate section for B2B bulk buyers and sellers and generated business for both of them.

4. A dynamic section of fashion events was created and the entire community was engaged through the portal. These fashion shows were a huge success as they brought in genuine business for all stakeholders.

What Mr. Robby Rawat Says:

Srishti Ventures INC is our strategic partner in conceiving and rolling out our digital initiatives. We are very happy with the digital solutions they have provided. The easy to use interface of the portal, ability to easily showcase designer portfolio and enabling seamless interactions & transactions between buyers and sellers had made us a huge success. The fashion community we are building in India is growing manifolds thanks to the strategy and implementation of Shashi Narain and his team.